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Escape is just the beginning.
28th-Nov-2005 05:54 pm - Prison Break RPG
Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
I posted about two weeks ago so figured it was time for another go.

behindxbars/tangled__web are still in need of a few major and minor cast members. Original inmates/CO's are welcome. To apply go H-E-R-E

Taken CharactersCollapse )

Open CharactersCollapse )

And T-Bag...Collapse )

((and because I learned from the first time... RPG=Role Play Game ^_^))
18th-Nov-2005 08:23 am - Prison Break RPG
Hey all you beautiful people! My name is Lindsay, I'm 22, and from Kentucky. I'm a HUGE fan of Wentworth and Prison Break. I've just made a Prison Break RPG for any of you serious fans out there. If you want to check it out you can go here: | fox_river on greatest journal |
14th-Nov-2005 02:23 pm - PB RPG
Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
if anyone is interested i'm starting a PB rpg here on LJ. the journals are all set up and most of the cast is still up for grabs. the two in-game journals are behindxbars and tangled__web and the OOC journal is bestlaid_plans

The application is in the OOC

13th-Sep-2005 10:21 pm(no subject)
If I were to start a Prison Break RPG, set before prison/Lincoln's arrest/that whole conspiracy thing, would anyone be interested in joining?

It'd probably be AU and I was thinking of setting around when Lincoln was 18, making Michael 13, but if that doesn't tickle anyone's fancy, the ages could be upped.

Since it would probably be AU, I sort of like the idea of throwing Sara into the mix. I'd create a more detailed reason WHY she was there if the game were to actually take off.

Yeah, nevermind.
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