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PrisonBreak Fic challenge #1!!

All right! Looks like we've got some interest here, so here's how I think we can do this.

In this post please comment if you think you'd like to write a fic, make some icons/manips/banners etc, or make a vid to a specific theme for a challenge. Also comment with possible themes. (General things work best, I think. Keys. Locks. Doors. Bars. etc.) In a day or so I'll open the challenge and when that happens we'll all post what we come up with in the comm.

The second thing I think we should think about in the next day or so would be some sort of Seekrit Santa thing like wickedwisdom had suggested. For that I'll have people email me who are interested and give me a few things you would like to receive, as well as what you'd be willing to write, etc, and I'll start matching people up.

So! In this post I would love for people to comment with:

1. If you are interested in doing the flashfiction due sometime before the next episode airing 10/24.
2. Prompts for the above flashfiction challenge.
3. If you would be interested in participating in a prisonbreak seekrit santa challenge for the holidays.

Woohoo! Thanks guys!!

ETA - Just to clarify, a flashfiction is just a name for a fic that was generally supposed to be around 1000 words or less. The fic itself can be any genre - gen/het/slash - and there's no like, timed limit (fic has to be written in 30 minute or less, or something.) So it's basically any kind of fic you want to write, with any character or pairing, as long as it makes some mention of the challenge subject in *some form* in the story. (example - for telephone you have an actual telephone, a phone message, a cell phone, calling someone from a payphone, the game of Telephone, etc.)
larry is the new otp

To pass the next two VERY LONG WEEKS!

Hey! So how about to try and pass some of the time before our next episode, we get some kind of ficathon going or something!

We can do this two ways, I'm thinking. One is a more general idea, sort of like a flashfiction. People suggest a topic (something general - keys, telephones, doors, etc) and you can write any kind of fic - backstory fic, set within canon fic, future fic, or do any kind of artwork (banners, icons, wallpapers, manips) - that has some sort of mention of that theme.

The other idea would be more like an exchange, of sorts. You request something and offer to do something. Write a fic, make a banner for someone, etc. And in turn someone *else* is writing you the fic of your choice, etc. That one would take more time and planning, but I'd be more than happy to organize it!

So let me know - pop in here and drop a comment if you'd be interested in writing some sort of fic or doing some sort of artwork for a challenge type thing in the next two weeks. It will keep us all busy until we have more episodes!