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Escape is just the beginning.
2nd-Nov-2005 01:15 pm - x-posted
As you can see I kinda skipped Old Head because it was too boring to paint and there were too many little subplots. But here we go with the next installment.

Tweener Paint PictureCollapse )

Hope no one is offended by the first panel.
24th-Oct-2005 05:27 pm - x-posted
Edit: Fixed it! I basically had to redo the whole thing on this computer.

As per request I have made a just T-bag paint picture. Get ready for the Wacky Adventures of T-bag! (Actually I was thinking of naming my fics something similar. Something along the lines of The Wacky Sexploits of Theordore Bagwell. Sounds like a good show to me.)

Anyway here's the first installment, Allen.

Allen Paint PictureCollapse )

I post here way too much.
22nd-Oct-2005 01:20 pm - x-posted
In memory of my late friend, who used to make crazy paint drawings all the time, I present to you "Prison Break Paint Pictures!" These are for you, Alison.

Prison Break episodes in four squaresCollapse )

Please don't steal them because I know that they are such skilled pieces of artwork that someone would want to claim them as their own.
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