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Prison Break Poll : What made you smile?

Time for Friday night ticky boxes! DO NOT READ THIS POLL IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN UP TO EPISODE 2:07 and don't want to be spoiled.

After coming off a depressing ep the other week, I thought we could do with a poll about the happier/funnier stuff. You can select more than one by the way. Just a bit of fun!

Poll #843849 Prison Break poll

What part, so far in season 2 made you feel happiest or made you smile?

Lincoln revealing that the gun Nika was pointing at Michael, was not loaded.
The teaming up of Bellick and Geary to get some cash and cons. Road trip!
When Tweener went to Debra Jean instead of leading Mahone to the others.
When Michael kicked Bellick in the head.
Any time Lincoln's shirt billowed.
Haywire. just LOL
C-note talking to his daughter. Aww
'It was real Sara, you and me....it's real'
T-Bag, just being T-Bag with those great one liners.
Kellerman being Sara's new gay BFF
Michael finally losing it and actually yelling.
Whenever Mahone gets tricked or foiled.
Whenever LJ is being a smart-ass
'We're here to turn your juice back on'

And I did another one of those little painting, an Ode to Linc. It's for sierra_foxx who wanted the aviators, and becisvolatile who wanted to know where his buttons went. The rest are here http://community.livejournal.com/_prisonbreak/608862.html

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Do i have your attention? Good :)
As some of you may know, we posted in here several days ago asking for your guys ideas as to what the community could do during the hiatus. 8 ideas were suggested so we put them in the form of a poll so that everyone can vote on which ideas they like the best. vote on ones that you would actually like to participate in.

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