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Escape is just the beginning.
12th-Jan-2007 11:14 am - PB Magazine
I got the second issue of PB Magazine yesterday. Dominic is on the cover and there's a centerfold of him (clothes on darn it!).

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but it looks good. There's a little blurb about Lane's upcoming appearances (no mention of the accident) and Marshall's off-PB work.

There's also a picture of an inmate who escaped, but was shortly recaptured. He has tattoos all over his face including one on his forehead that says, "SKINHEAD." At least Michael was smart enough not to tattoo his face.

For those of you with tattoos, they are asking for pictures of your tattoos.

Magazine is available for purchase beginning January 16.
15th-Nov-2006 03:59 pm - PB Magazine
Did anyone who ordered the PB magazine hear from the company? I think they were supposed to send an email confirmation, but I never got one. Did anyone else get one or not get one?
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