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Escape is just the beginning.

Frank Grillo has been starring in an eight hour limited series over Spike TV.  Today before the finale Spike TV is showing a marathon of all the episodes. 

Listing of the episodes (time listed is eastern so check your local listings):

3:00 pm Who's Afraid of Mr. Wolf
5:00 pm No Meringue
6:00 pm Pro Patria
7:00 pm Visiting Hours
8:00 pm The Great Ape Escape 
9:00 pm The Devil's Zoo
11:00 pm The Devil's Zoo-Encore

14th-Aug-2007 08:42 pm - Update on Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Frank can currently be seen on the Spike TV mini-series, "The Kill Point".  On August 26 there will be a marathon of all of the episodes before the finale airs at 9:00.  Information on the marathon can be found here:  http://www.frank-grillo.com/

To hear a great recent interview with Frank check out: http://starrymag.com/listname.asp?name=Frank%20Grillo

Frank has recently finished filming a limited 8 hour show for Spike TV called "The Kill Point."  Information has been added to Spike's website and there are video clips on the site.  Check them out and you'll see Frank.  http://www.spiketv.com/index.html#shows/ss/t=ss/sid=10192

Frank is playing "Mr. Pig" one of the four American Iraqi-War Vets who rob a bank that quickly turns into a hostage situation.

The show premieres on Sunday, July 22 @ 9:00 eastern time.

25th-Feb-2007 11:41 am - Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Frank has been very busy since the first seaon of "Prison Break."  Here's an update on the projects that Frank is currently involved in.

Currently there is no release date.  Scenes have been recently reshot in New York.

Frank recently signed on to this movie starring Dennis Quaid.  Frank will be playing Dr. Jim Hewlette.  Filming begins sometime in April in Chicago. 

"The Kill Pit"
Limited 8 episode series for SPIKE TV.  Filming begins end of March in Pittsburg, PA and is scheduled to air sometime in the summer.  "The Kill Pit" is about a team of American Iraqi-War Veterans who rob a bank and hostages are taken.  Frank will be playing one of the Veterans, Pig.

"The Madness of Jane"
Pilot filmed for Lifetime TV.  If the Pilot receives a series order Frank will have a recurring role. "The Madness of Jane" is a one hour drama about a brilliant neurologist who learns she is bipolar and the impact the diagnosis has on her feckless sister. Frank has been cast as the psychiatrist, Dr. Oliver Cornbluth, who helps Jane with her bipolar disorder.

For more information on Frank head on over to: http://www.frank-grillo.com/

Also, Frank recently appeared on an episode of "Las Vegas" and it is available for viewing on NBC's website.

28th-Dec-2006 09:04 pm - Update on Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Here are some updates on Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn).

January 7 @10:00 pm (eastern time) "Without a Trace" Epidose Name: Tail Spin
Frank plays Neil Rawlings an air traffic controller who vanishes after he almost let two planes collide on his watch.

Frank will also be appearing on "Las Vegas" and currently no date is listed.  Frank will be playing a guy who has been in a coma for twenty years and has a romantic thing with one of the woman on the show, Sam (played by Vanessa Marcil). 

For those in the New York area Frank taped an interview for "i on New York" with Laurie Puhn and the dates for the show are:
Tuesday, January 2 @ 6:00 am (eastern time) and Saturday, February 10 @ 6:00am (eastern time)

*If there is anyone in the area who would be willing to make me a copy of the interview please drop a note in my LJ.  Thanks in advance.*

8th-Jun-2006 07:08 pm - Happy Birthday to Frank
Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn) is celebrating his birthday today  - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!

Frank Pics HereCollapse )
3rd-Jun-2006 02:17 pm - Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)
On May 21, Frank took part in the opening ceremonies for AIDS Walk New York.  All of the celebrities received a celebrity gift bag and there is an autographed gift bag being auctioned online.  For information on the auction check out: https://www.charityfolks.com/cfauctions/auction_bid.asp?AuctionID=3494&catname=Celebrity%20Bag%20Snag.  Also, if you click to see what is inside the bag there is a very nice picture of Frank.

For those interested in seeing Frank in another role Spike TV is showing episodes of "The Shield."  On the current schedule are the following two episodes that Frank appeared in (remember to check your local listings):

June 5 @ 1:00 am - Our Gang
June 16 @ 10:00 pm - Breakpoint

The information is also listed on Frank's website at: http://www.frank-grillo.com/
25th-May-2006 09:11 pm - Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Posting this information for those who might be interested in seeing Frank in another role.

April's Shower the movie that Frank recently was in has been released to dvd and you can purchase or rent the movie.  I know that it's listed on amazon.com and also on netflix.com.  When searching for it type in the movie's name and not Frank's name.

Also, "Poltergeist: The Legacy" the first season has been released to dvd.  Frank appeared in the episode "Ghost in the Road" if anyone is interested in checking this show out.

I've seen the movie and the episode and really enjoyed both.  The characters are very different from Nick Savrinn and it was great watching Frank playing a different role.

21st-Apr-2006 08:01 pm - Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Here is a link to an article that I found today and thought it might be of interest since it is kinda of spoilerish.


Article HereCollapse )

Also a new batch of Questions and Answers with Frank have been uploaded to the Web site.  Michael Gaston (Quinn) was mentioned in one.


Came across this article today and Frank mentions "Prison Break" in it. 


To make thing easy the article in under the cut.  There is a nice pic of Frank if you follow the link.

Article HereCollapse )
Frank Grillo has answered questions sent in by the fans.  There are two sets of questions and answers currently on the site.

To read them head on over to http://www.frank-grillo.com/

If you'd like to send in a question, send it to questions@frank-grillo.com and they will be forwarded in the next batch sent to Frank.
Frank has been kind and agreed to answer questions sent in by the fans. Please send questions to questions@frank-grillo.com. Frank has requested no personal questions in regards to his family. Also, I have the feeling that no spoiler information will be given out in regards to "Prison Break".

All the information is located at http://www.frank-grillo.com/. Check out the News/Updates Section or head on over to Q & A With Frank.


Update - the address on the website had a typo and has been corrected. The correct email address is listed in this post. Sorry, for the confustion.
3rd-Dec-2005 10:37 pm - Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)
Hope this is ok to post. Well doing a search this morning I came across this article:


The article mentions a Children's Organization that Frank is involved with. If you go to the website for Love Our Children you'll be able to read more about the orgnization and how Frank is involved.
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