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Escape is just the beginning.
23rd-Apr-2007 09:25 am - Sarah Coming to Spain
went smiling
Sarah will be in Spain on Thursday April 26th.  More info at source.

From SarahWayneCallies.Org
18th-Jan-2007 11:29 am - From TVG Online
Prison Break Star: Next Season Is TBD
The first season of Prison Break, which returns from hiatus on Monday, detailed the breakout, while the current season concerns our fugitives' race for freedom. What, then, would Season 3 be about? To hear series star Dominic Purcell tell it... well, no one knows. "Prison Break originally was a concept for two seasons," he says in the New York Post. "Now, because of its success and economics, the writers have to get really creative to justify a Season 3." One thing Purcell is (relatively) sure about: "I've been told that the conspiracy [that framed Lincoln for murder] ends this year."

Indeed, judging by Monday's episode, which I am just about done watching, it would almost have to....
27th-Nov-2006 11:59 am - From TVGuide Online
When Prison Break Returns, So Does Mahone's Ex

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15th-Nov-2006 06:10 pm - *Fox: No Hiatus for Prison Break*
LP: Ned blue
Looks like the boys will be back in January.
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26th-Oct-2006 08:37 pm - For you *UK* fans
LP: Ned blue
Phil: "Hi Neil! Do you have any news on when the new seasons of CSI (Vegas) and Prison Break will be returning to five?"

James: Oooh, good, you asked about Prison Break. Kris did some digging on this and came up with something rather interesting about a third season... however, to answer your question, it'll be back on Five in January. As will CSI and its New York spinoff.

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