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Live Show Thread Idea

Tonight we had our first "Live Show Thread" and it went Great!

cuddlyfruit suggested we try the White Board idea used in the house_md community.

Here is the way it would work.
This was taken from house_md

1. Sometime before 9pm EST, a post will be made with a blurb about this week's show, subject line something along the lines of "White Board - Show Title - Date"

2. If you want to post your analysis/comments/squee/etc for discussion, either:

a) Post the text as a comment to the White Board entry (NB: comment boxes have limited space, so feel free to use as many as you need; it might actually be beneficial to break up ideas as well)
b) Post the text in your own journal or elsewhere, and comment to the White Board with a link to your entry

Just a reminder of the benefits of concentrating discussion this way, instead of everyone posting separate entries:
1. Reduces friends page spam (most community members will love you for this)
2. No need to cut for spoilers, since you won't be able to read the commentary until you click to read the comments
3. All discussion of the episode will be in one place, so you don't have to hunt through a load of posts when trying to find a particular thought - and only have to refresh one page to see what new things are being added
4. It'll be like a little party downstairs, with everyone bouncing off each others' comments
5. Discussion will be threaded after a certain number of responses, so you can scroll down and read the head comments without having to plow through anything you're not interested in, and click "thread" to read the discussions that intrigue you.

This isn't mandatory, you're still welcome to post your own Reviews etc.

We also need to come up with our own name for these posts. White Board is for House and we need something more related to Prison Break. I'm looking forward to the names you'll come up with.
So far we have:
Tattoo Map

cuddlyfruit has volunteered to do the East Coast Edition and we currently need someone to do the West Coast Edition.

If you have any other suggestions let us know!