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Escape is just the beginning.
let's have dinner
Medium: TV
Fandom: Prison Break
Subject: Lincoln/Gretchen
Title: So... What about sex?
Warnings: Not so work safe. And probably totally out of character.
Spoilers: Yes, episode 4x16
Notes: You don't want to listen to it if you: a) hate Gretchen, b) ship Linc/Sofia or Linc/Jane and don't like other pairings.


so... what about sex?
27th-Aug-2007 05:56 pm - Welcome to the dark side...

Did anyone of you happened to watch the Teens Choice Awards last night? I'm just wondering if Wentworth won. Anywayz, these are all done in Photoshop CS2 with the help of a digital tablet.



7th-Jul-2007 09:45 pm - Lincoln Burrows...

Digital Painting ; ) 


9th-Aug-2006 04:57 pm(no subject)
Captain Swan in the snow
Hi! Bit of art, just character studies to fill in the time whilst waiting for new season! Was going to draw Sucre next, but guys with no hair? Hard to draw. You can tell Ive had trouble on the one of Linc. That's one difficult melon *sigh*. Cant' win 'em all. But I have so much Dom love that I had to try.

BrothersCollapse )
13th-Apr-2006 05:25 pm - Spoilers from "The Key"
LP: Ned blue
I hope nobody else has posted these yet...

Read more...Collapse )
15th-Sep-2005 09:37 pm(no subject)
So, am I the only one who has developed a serious liking for Lincoln? During the first two episodes, I was sort of....blah about him. I didn't HATE him, but I was instantly drawn to Michael, so Lincoln was sort of left in the backround.

I just find myself liking Lincoln more and more as his character is developed. I especially love the little brotherly moments between him and Michael.
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