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Escape is just the beginning.
17th-Apr-2006 10:29 am - Robert Knepper radio interview
Snow White
Robert Knepper was on L.A's KROQ 106.7 giving an interview. I only caught the last few minutes but I'm waiting for KROQ to put the clip up on their site. The part I did catch was them talking about Fox putting Prison Break on hiatus for so long and Robert talking about the response from the fans. They talked a little bit about filming in Chicago. Bummed that I missed most of the interview. 

They did mention that Wentworth was on the show a few weeks ago, which I never knew! Did anyone catch that interview? There's a link on the KROQ site for the interview here: http://www.kroq.com/kevinandbean/sounds.html

The interview is about halfway down.
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