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Escape is just the beginning.
18th-Apr-2006 01:09 pm - new recap
ats angel jazz hands
My recap of Prison Break 1x17, "J-Cat," is finally up at Fandom Talk. Sorry about the delay, folks, I'm still trying to negotiate my new life. I hope you enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated!
12th-Apr-2006 05:49 am - 71 Icons
Federer - Fourtneen
[31] 1x16 "Brother's Keeper", including 8 manips
[40] 1x17 "J-Cat"


21 Image hosting by Photobucket 30 Image hosting by Photobucket 61 Image hosting by Photobucket

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11th-Apr-2006 12:57 pm - PB Ratings for Last Night
nielsen ratings
(fast national numbers for monday, april 10, 2006)
monday's ratings: '24' drives fox last night >>
along with 'prison break,' tops cbs among adults 18-49

Here are the highlights of the 18 ad-sustained programs that aired in primetime on the broadcast networks last night:

New episodes of "Prison Break" (households: 5.2/9, #11; adults 18-49: 3.3, #9) and "24" (households: 7.6/12, #T5; adults 18-49: 5.0, #2) kept the adults 18-49 crown in FOX's (households: 6.4/10, #4; adults 18-49: 4.2, #1) corner on Monday.
12th-Apr-2006 01:21 am(no subject)
Angel - 5x5 - Faith

[83] Prison Break icons

[72] 1.17 J-cat
[11] past contest entries


(over at my journal)
23rd-Mar-2006 06:54 pm - New Episode Stills
went smiling
I've just added a new episode still at

These below are the non M&S stills!  Please be aware these stills might
contain spoilers.

Here is a teaser image.

Still 2
Still 3
Still 4

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