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Snow White

People magazine

Wentworth is quoted in the January 30th issue of People magazine. Page 61 covering the Fox party there's a caption (though no picture):
"Where: The Stardust Room
Who: Joaquin Phoenix
Life of the Party: Prison Break star Wentworth Miller busted loose:'Everyone's a winner when there's free booze involved.'"

Haha....I love a party boy. :)
Snow White

Hollywood Reporter Golden Globe picks

These two bits were in the January 13-15th issue of The Hollywood Reporter:

Small Screen Standouts
THR's Barry Garron make his annual TV Predictions

Series (Drama)
Except for ABC's "Lost," all of the nominated drama series are new kids on the block. It's tempting to pick "Rome" because of two factors common to previous winners: 1) It's on HBO and 2) It was filmed overseas. Instead, I think the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. will choose Fox's "Prison Break." The series has high drama and great action, a combination that should endear it to Golden Globe voters.

**Note: He did a predictions for Best Actor Drama also, but didn't mention Wentworth. Instead he chose Hugh Laurie.


Independents Day
Will Golden Globe voters continue to put their ballots behind indies- and leave studio films in the dust?
Ray Richmond

**edited for content**

"...But there also is a significant element in the TV categories of paying homage to the new. Four of the five series nominated for top drama and three of the six for best musical or comedy are rookies: ABC's "Commander-in Chief," and "Grey's Anatomy," Fox's "Prison Break," HBO's lusty period epic "Rome" and the comedies "My Name is Earl" (NBC), "Weeds" (Showtime), and "Everybody Hates Chris" (UPN).

...Also enjoying a particularly good Globes showing is 20th Century Fox Television, with nominations for "Earl" and its star Jason Lee, "Prison Break" and its charismatic breakout lead Wentworth Miller, "24" lead Kiefer Sutherland and ABC's "Boston Legal" castmate Candice Bergen.

Following is a brief analysis of the major film and TV races being decided at Monday night's Golden Globes ceremony:

Actor (Television Drama):
For more than a year, buzz has been surrounding the performance of Laurie as the crotchety Dr. Greg House. He has to be seen as a front-runner even though Sutherland is a four-time Globes nominee (and one-time winner in 2002). But the momentum on the white-hot Miller also could carry him into the winner's circle."
Snow White

Variety Golden Globes preview

In today's Daily Varitey Golden Globes preview, Prison Break is mentioned several times as being a contender for a Golden Globe. There isn't anything specific about the show itself, but it is mentioned throughout for its original concept and for best actor (Wentworth.) I'll just summerize below:

Discovery Channelers
Globes votes hone rep for tapping hot new skeins
By Stuart Levine

"Though there hasn't been a breakout show on the order of last year's ABC newbies 'Desperate Housewives' or 'Lost' that doesn't mean the Golden Globes won't be offering up fresh skeins for their big night.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., known for setting treands rather than following them, will have plenty of new shows to choose from, including hotshot comedies 'My Name is Earl' and 'Everybody Hates Chris,' and dramas 'Prison Break,' 'Commander in Chief' and 'Grey's Anatomy.'"

**Note....article goes on to talk about cable shows here and go in to detail about Medium and Grey's Anatomy. There is a pic of Wentworth though with the caption "Original concept puts Fox's 'Prison Break' in the race."

Thesp Races Open to a New Mix of Noms
By Geoffery Berkshire

**Most of the article is about actors from other shows.**

"...Other newbies poised to benefit from buzzworthy series in various categories are Hugh Laurie, the grumpy doc on Fox's 'House;' the escape-minded Wentworth Miller of Fox's 'Prison Break;' suburban moms Mary-Lousie Parker and Elizabeth Perkins on Showtime's 'Weeds;' UPN's 'Everybody Hates Chris' family members Tichina Arnold and Tyler James Williams; and Steve Carell, the boss from Hell on NBC's 'The Office.'"

Keep in mind that it doesn't mean that Prison Break or Wentworth are nominated for anything. It just means that they have been noticed by the Hollywood Foreign Press and people are talking about them. Nominations are going to be announced on Dec 13th, so keep your eyes and ears open!