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Went on Ghost Whisperer

I believe tonight is a repeat of the very first Ghost Whisperer.
Went played a dead soldier looking for his family. He did a really good job, for a dead guy.
And this was before Prison Break so I was so excited to see him again on TV after the last show he was on was canceled.

Anyhow, check out CBS tonight.
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Wentworth Miller in Ghost Whisperer

Hi all!

I guess most of you have already seen the adorable Went in this new show, but for those who haven't, I cut off his scenes from my HDTV video and here the are


He's not so hot as in Prison Break (I know, I know, he's always hot, but you know, there is hot and *hot*) or maybe I'm not into men in uniform :P

I hope you enjoy them.

PS. The first one is a little creepy, don't let it fool you, his green eyes will shine in the next clips as always.