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Escape is just the beginning.
let's have dinner
Medium: Television
Fandom: Prison Break
Subject: Gretchen
Title: You better kill me before I kill you (you look good in black)
Warnings: Some bad words.


you better kill me before I kill you (you look good in black)
let's have dinner

Warnings: Bad words.
Notes: Do not click it if you don't like the idea of these two having hot angry sex.

Gretchen & Lincoln fanmix: Let's get sexual, shall we?
let's have dinner
Medium: TV
Fandom: Prison Break
Subject: Lincoln/Gretchen
Title: So... What about sex?
Warnings: Not so work safe. And probably totally out of character.
Spoilers: Yes, episode 4x16
Notes: You don't want to listen to it if you: a) hate Gretchen, b) ship Linc/Sofia or Linc/Jane and don't like other pairings.


so... what about sex?
5th-Dec-2008 06:39 pm - Prison Break - Gretchen - Who she is
let's have dinner
Medium: TV
Fandom: Prison Break
Subject: Gretchen Morgan
Spoilers: No. Nada. Null. Nic.
Warnings: Huh... A few bad words. But that's all.

let's have dinner
Medium: TV
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Gretchen/T-Bag
Spoilers: One tiny tiny tiny spoiler.
Warnings: A few bad words? That's all.


6th-Apr-2007 04:10 pm - prsion break fanmix!
oh, michael scofield, how you amaze me with your engineering ingenius and sympathetic hero complex.

so, a prison break fanmix! based mainly around the first season. just coz.

british india, placebo, jamie t and more, aiiiiight?

"let's just say someone's gonna get hurt."

welcome to prisneyland, fish.
I luuuuurve Mahone. He's made this season great for me and when I get obsessive about characters I make mixes for them. Want to hear it?

Walk this way...
22nd-Feb-2007 11:05 pm - Fanmix - Grown So Ugly (T-Bag)
LOL I made a T-Bag mix. Because these mixes never end with me.

art + zip
3rd-Dec-2006 09:29 pm - Fanmix :)
Marilyn Monroe //
Yes... This is something new I'm tryin. It's about... it's about not too long ago that I fell totaly in love with Prison Break :) And you know there are times when you just feel like so much impressions falling over you. That's what happened to me actually =) I made a PB-Weekend when I watched all the episodes it ever had and... God! I couldn't breathe til I finished this XD
So this is my first fanmix ever! I used tracks what remind me of someone-some situations-some feelings from PB aand it does mean exactly that you maybe not feelilng the same that I felt. Am I difficult? I know... I totally am :) But anyway I hope you'll have some impressions about this thing and if you do: let me know please! Good or bad :) I hope only good *crossing fingers*

You can find the mix HERE on my Journal =)

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1d | warm. warm.
Oh, hey, it's the greatest ship that ever was! 

it's fanmix time...
(and baby, my heart's been breaking)
25th-Sep-2006 03:24 am - Lincoln Burrows fanmix
alias → godfever
I tried picking out songs that fits the character.
comments are appreciated (and shamelessly begged for.)

the libertine is locked in jail
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