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Escape is just the beginning.
2nd-Nov-2006 08:43 am - Behind Closed Doors: fic
CH <3
Okay, so to further cement my geekyness...I wrote a fanfic for Michael and Sara's "rendezvous". I'm just too anxious for this episode and I was a bad girl and read some spoilers so I had to write a scene the way I would want it to go. Lol.

Title: Behind Closed Doors
Author: Rogue_Missy (Jen)
Pairing/Characters (or Gen if no pairing): Michael Scofield & Sara Tancredi
Category: Umm, fluff? Lol.
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: A hotel room, and two people with a complicated past.
Spoilers: Takes place after episode 2.09. Situation speculation for episode 2.10.

Set-up: Michael and Sara meet up in Gila, New Mexico on a rode in the middle of nowere. The reunion was bittersweet. They left together to go back to the hotel but had to evade Mahone. In the process Michael wounded his arm. Sara and Michael are now back at the hotel.

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25th-Jul-2006 10:48 pm - The Not-So-Magnificent Seven
German ;; Germany ~ RL
Title: The Not-so-Magnificent Seven
Author(s): deutschtard, with MUCH help from sterilizetheemo
Characters: Michael, Lincoln, Abruzzi, T-Bag, C-Note, Sucre, Westmoreland, Tweener
Warnings: TOTALLY AU, Crack!fic, slight graphic language/situations
Summary: “You Numnutz, you can't go ape unless we put the rings together!”
Rating: R for language and slight graphic nature
Author(s) Notes: Comments are my drug, please help me feed my habit.
-bows to sterilizetheemo- without you, this bunny would have gone to the bunny graveyard

How is a Pinata supposed to help?Collapse )
4th-Feb-2006 11:56 pm - Ficage from a Friend
Pimping for my friend: merlinsgirl.

Author: merlinsgirl
Title: Waiting in Panama
Characters: Michael and Lincoln
Summary: "Mostly just Lincoln/Michael chatting, post escape. They’re in Panama ( Darian Gap, south of the canal) as Michael revealed to Lincoln in one episode that I don’t remember."

Waiting In Panama
3rd-Dec-2005 06:02 pm - He Messed Up
Miss Elizabeth//Halloween-ified.

Title: He Messed Up
Author: </a></a>angelrose493
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Short, 315 words
Spoilers: From the fall finale
Summary: Michael couldn’t believe he let it come down to this. He messed up.

This is my first fanfic, so be nice :O) It's no masterpiece:

He Could Never Forgive HimselfCollapse )

26th-Oct-2005 12:08 am - x-posted
Once again I give you T-bag/Seth because I am sick and twisted. I guess you could say this is Part 3 of "The Wacky Sexploits of Theodore Bagwell". It's set after Old Head.

Title: Good Boy
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: T-bag/Seth
Rating: NC-17 (Did you expect any less from me?)
Warnings: Non-consentual blah blah blah, it's T-bag so it's gonna be dark, okay?

Good BoyCollapse )
Phantom of the Opera
Ok...so apparently I am slow on the uptake because I just now discovered this community.  I have a rather deep and obsessive love for this show, most of which is focused on the brothers...they're hard to resist.  Anyways, writing is a passion of mine and I've decided to tackle Prison Break in all its angst, it provides endless potential  for stories...so I thought I would post one of my stories here as a contribution to this wonderful community!  Some of you may have already read this over at prisonbreak_fic, so sorry for the repitition!  Enjoy!

Title: Twisted Refrain
Author: Aspen Snow
Character: Michael
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I'm not like them is the only justification Michael has...

So very twisted...Collapse )

24th-Oct-2005 11:39 am - x-posted
Just like I promised, here's a T-bag/Michael story! I don't know what it is, I'm just in a fic writing mood this weekend. Anyway this one is far more disturbing than the others so um, reader discretion is advised?

Title: What We Do For Love
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: T-bag/Michael and a little Lincoln
Rating: NC-17 (Watch how my ratings just keep going up!)
Warnings: Non-consentual sex, slightly incestuous voyeurism

What We Do For LoveCollapse )

My title is lame, but I always just come up with them when I post. I was going to name them all after Kings of Leon songs like the last one, but I couldn't find one that fit this one. So you're stuck with this sappy title.
23rd-Oct-2005 04:53 pm - x-posted
Something a little different. I don't know how I feel about this one yet, but I find it kind of pretty. Not as dark as my other ones either.

Title: River Dreams
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: None. But it features River Tam, Michael, T-bag.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Smidge of violence
Author's Notes: This is a crossover between Serenity and Prison Break. River is dreaming of the PB boys. I don't think you have to have seen the movie or show to know what's going on, but if you have it makes even more sense.

River DreamsCollapse )

I promise more slash, less arty-ness next time. I just love River so much and this crossover has been kicking around in my head for days.
22nd-Oct-2005 06:00 pm - x-posted
I got a little farther with the T-bag/Seth relationship. Not the best thing I've written, but it's decent.

(I highly recommend listening to Kings of Leon while reading this. Especially Holy Roller Novocaine. That's what I listened to when I wrote it. Well actually, I listened to Massive Attack's Angel for the first part, then Kings of Leon.)

Title: Slow Night, So Long
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: T-bag/Seth
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-consentual slashy molestation and violence (What else would you expect from a T-bag fic?)
Author's Note: Um, this might disturb you. But if you're a T-bag fan then you're probably not easily disturbed. You have been warned.

Slow Night, So LongCollapse )
19th-Oct-2005 09:34 pm - x-posted
A little story I wrote about Seth's thoughts. Set after Riots, Drills and The Devil Pt. 2.

Title: Cherry Flavoured
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: Seth/T-bag
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied slashiness

Cherry FlavouredCollapse )
13th-Sep-2005 02:58 pm - Icons & Fic
education is awesome
Just joined, so I thought I'd link you guys up to the Prison Break goodies I've done so far.

FIC: Drowned
Michael/Sara (Post-Escape Speculation)
"She realizes he hates everything he's done, but he loves his brother more."

[25] ICONS: Promo Images, 1x01 and 1x02

[38] ICONS: 1x01, 1x02 and 1x03

The Samurai Poet Presents; In Different Circumstances
Pairing: Michael/Sara
Rating: Considerably tamer than the actual show.
Summary: What if Michael met Sara at a local upscale bar instead of Fox River's infirmary?
Spoilers: None
Archive?: Ask first
Notes: Possibly out of character at times, I'm sorry about that. Constructive criticism is more than welcome; I am not sure if I should continue this out more than where I left off in the bar. Crossposted at prisonbreak_fic

Bars weren’t really Michael’s style...Collapse )
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