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Prison Break *LiMa Hands*

55 "Prison Break" icons


Now THIS was a WHOLE LOT of work, since it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find "Prison Break" Screencaps at all... in the end I was like "fuck it" and took my DVDs out and capped the scenes I needed myself. *lol* I don't regret that I chose Prison Break - OF COURSE - even though I haven't made ANY Prison Break artwork in YEARS, but well... I still love the show and rewatching some scenes made me go "awwwwwwwwww" a lot... for example the scene in Season 2 where Sucre almost drowned and Michael wouldn't leave his side, no matter what... *sighs*

Long story short... my claim for Round 23 of tvcrush20in20 was "Prison Break" and I managed to finish my claim today... being unemployeed has it's benefits, huh? :p




I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I'll be damned if I don't. So who needs a good laugh today??? *snort* I say read THIS from  mrs_spleen if you need one asap!!! That woman is definitely a genius. And THIS by ej_fanart there's more to it so I suggest lurk on his/her Lj!!!

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If you are a huge M/S fan... click the the image below ; ) (you've probably seen it already if you're a shipper lol)

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