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Escape is just the beginning.
15th-Aug-2008 02:21 pm - EW's First Look at PB
Random: Stick it
We all know this by now, but I'll cut it anyway for possible spoilers.
From the new season...Collapse )
10th-Dec-2005 06:06 pm - Miscellaneous PB Related Scans
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21st-Nov-2005 02:37 pm - EW article
Snow White
In today's Entertainment Weekly (#851, Nov 25th, 2005) there is a feature on TV's Small Wonders, rating the winners and losers (pg 62). Under Monday it says:

"Fox Springs Prisoners-and a Leak

Breaking out on Monday proved difficult for any new show not called Prison Break (no. 43). With an early fall debit and loads of promotion, viewers found -and stayed with- Prison Break. Its success did little to lift lead-ins Kitchen Confidential (no 98) and Arrested Development (no. 96)- both of which will likely be canceled."

There is more to the article, but that's all the pertains to Prison Break. There is also a pic of Wentworth on the opposite page in all his tattooed glory. Its the Entertainment Weekly with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon on the cover for Walk the Line.
2nd-Nov-2005 10:36 am - EW's November Sweeps Guide
Prison Break
Monday, Nov. 21, 9-10 p.m. (Fox)
In what Fox is calling the series' ''fall finale,'' the namesake event finally happens. Since the network just announced the show is coming back in May, fans shouldn't expect the episode to provide too much release.
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