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ET Canada interview

There wasn't a whole lot of new stuff on the ET Canada interview. There was a lot about the magazines calling him sexy and such. He says he doesn't think he is that good looking, in fact he thinks his features are "kind of all over" (maybe that's why he's so hot, I dunno :P), but he is greatly flattered by the comments. They said he's been around in Hollywood for 10 years, and he got his big break in The Human Stain. The interviewer, who was male, said it was a bit awkward telling him that he's sexy and stuff. Supposedly, one magazine used the word "drool", I guess to describe the fangirls. He is the most internet-searched male actor of the fall season. They say that he is appealing to both men and women: women because of his looks and men because of the tattoo (it's the most complex tattoo ever made for film). The interviewer pointed out that the devil on it brings out his eyes. Wentworth replied, sarcastically, "I requested the blue". They talked about where it was filmed (The Joliet Prison), and a couple shots of the cast on set. He laughed quite a few times...I love his laugh. It was a rather short interview, but sweet :)

ETA: And there will be "part 2" of ET Canada's visit to the set of Prison Break on tomorrow's ep.