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Escape is just the beginning.
stock - dublin sky was changing you
Hello all :)
Today, we have the next five episodes :)
Cookies go for the ones who left comments :)

All of the caps are BIG and HDTV.

Here we go, 1x07. :
As for this episode, THIS IS THE ONLY EPISODE I HADN'T HAD IN HDTV VERSION. So, the caps are not my usual quality. If I can get a hold on hdtv version, I'll cap that, and renew this post.

( 1x07 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Eight episode, again with the good and big caps.
This ep was so emotional for it's average, I liked it :)

( 1x08 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Ninth episode.
The one where everyone is beautiful.
Also the one with the shower. :)

( 1x09 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Ten, with lots of aww moments :)))
Very nice colors on this episode too, kind of LOST if you know what I mean :)

( 1x10 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Eleven, and the last for today :)

( 1x11 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

The next 5 episodes will be up tomorrow, have fun, and don't forget to comment if you take any! :)
Charlotte - Lost in Translation

Prison Break – 1.07 Riots, Drills and the Devil, Part 2 --- HDTV Caps
[ZIP-File: 60,2 MB, 960x528 Pixel, 1245 Caps]


- Please comment and credit.

Is anybody also interested in HDTV Caps for further episodes?


samples and download behind the cutCollapse )

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