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Escape is just the beginning.
30th-Dec-2006 05:18 pm - Prison Break: 1.02 Allen HQ
DVD / Movie / Show: Prison Break
Episode: 1.02 - Allen
Quantity/Format: JPG, 1325 caps
Image Quality: High - 1024 x 575, Good for Wallpapers and below.
Which Part: This is the only Part
( previews and download this way! (gallery included))
stock - dublin sky was changing you
Hey guys :) The day has come :) I'll now bombard you with 5 posts in a row. And I'll go with this schedule until the rest is done. After PB, I'll go with BSG caps in a row :)

All of the caps are BIG and HDTV.

Here we go, 1x02. :

( 1x02 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

I've had the first episodes HDTV, and the caps too, but with episode three, the caps gone MORE HIGH QUALITY like magic :)
It's like they're from DVD :)Just look at the samples :)

( 1x03 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Fourth episode :)
Again, quality caps of magic :)

( 1x04 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Fifth episode :)
Beautiful shots are all around again :)

( 1x05 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

And the last one for today :)
The hottest episode of the season, well, literally. Everyone has perspiration :)

( 1x06 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

The next 5 episodes will be up tomorrow, have fun, and don't forget to comment if you take any! :)
24th-Oct-2005 05:27 pm - x-posted
Edit: Fixed it! I basically had to redo the whole thing on this computer.

As per request I have made a just T-bag paint picture. Get ready for the Wacky Adventures of T-bag! (Actually I was thinking of naming my fics something similar. Something along the lines of The Wacky Sexploits of Theordore Bagwell. Sounds like a good show to me.)

Anyway here's the first installment, Allen.

Allen Paint PictureCollapse )

I post here way too much.
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