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Escape is just the beginning.
stock - dublin sky was changing you
re-posting because of a new link

Hey :) The day has come, finally :)
I've checked all of the PB caps, and saw that they are either down, or small, or from the review copy, not HDTV, so I'm sharing these, as usual :) I'll keep posting if there is an audience, again, as usual :)

The caps are BIG.

Also, a good news, aside my usual zip serving, now I'm serving a GALLERY too. :)

( Gallery Link + Samples + Zip File.. )
3rd-Nov-2005 09:46 pm - Screencap Recaps! Episode 1x01
Well, you guys asked for it. So I'm starting at the first episode and will work my way up to the present.

Screencap Recap! Episode 1x01Collapse )
10th-Oct-2005 02:08 pm(no subject)
{actors} William
OK, I was just rewatching the Pilot, and when it shows Michael's chart, you get a good amount of info: he's 27, his middle name starts with a "J" and his medical chart. I also noticed this

Picture under here to save you flist from deathCollapse )
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