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Escape is just the beginning.
8th-Dec-2006 10:11 pm - New Community
LP: Ned blue
I've come to spread the T-Bag cheer!

weeklytbag is a little place dedicated to T-Bag art, icons, fic, and whatever other T-Bag things strike your fancy.

Once a week I post a photo manipulation, but I welcome all things T-Bag.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So check out the info page and join us!
13th-Jun-2006 03:40 pm - New Community: swcfans
# chuck; agent bartowski
Hi everyone,

A new community has been created for the fans of Sarah Wayne Callies, the actress who is currently starring in Prison Break as the morally-conflicted Dr. Sara Tancredi. The community is open to discussion, images, interviews, fandom-related work, and much more.

Interested? Check out the community at swcfans.

Feel free to join the community. If you need more information check out the user info.

Have a wondeful day!
27th-Jan-2006 01:41 pm - New Community
Federer - Fourtneen
Check out my new community sweet_as_sucre for all things Amaury Nolasco/Fernando Sucre related.
25th-Nov-2005 10:54 am(no subject)
my cats by me
Here's a high res pic of Wentworth in Prison break that I thought I'd share. :)

Also, I just started a new icon challenge comm called wenty_stills, so please come join today, we hope to start the first challenge on December 1st. Thanks for your time.

clickCollapse )
19th-Nov-2005 01:42 pm - New community!
LJ on lj


Because the youngest member of that family needs some lovin' too.
8th-Nov-2005 02:35 pm(no subject)
In the past several days, pradagirl created the community muse_watson for, obviously :P, Muse Watson who plays Charles "D.B. Cooper" Westmoreland.

Also, i created amaury_nolasco, the guy who plays Fernando Sucre.

So join 'em if you're interested!
29th-Oct-2005 01:22 pm - x-posted
For fans of T-bag, I give you: hold_my_pocket

Let the dirty wrong love begin.
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