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Escape is just the beginning.
7th-Mar-2007 10:13 am - From TV Guide online
Wings Man Cast as Grey's 2's McDreamy

This just in, from the Hollywood Reporter:

"Tim Daly is set to guest star in the 'enhanced' two-hour episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.... According to the breakdown, Daly's character is described as 'handsome, sincere, like a McDreamy.'"

Paul Adelstein (Prison Break's Agent Kellerman) also has been set to guest star in the episode, with an eye to costar on the potential Addison-centric spinoff toplined by Kate Walsh.


Kate Burton, Grey's Anatomy, and Camille Gauty, Prison Break, have joined Fox's Supreme Courtships, playing a justice and her ambitious clerk, respectively.
21st-Dec-2006 12:57 pm - From E's Kristin
From Thomas: When is The Nine coming back?
Sorry, I know this is old news for most of you. But so many people have asked, I feel it necessary to say that The Nine has been cancelled. Ditto for Daybreak. Sorry to be the bearer of sad (old) news.
I guess it's too much to hope that Camille would return as Maricruz.
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