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Escape is just the beginning.
Canada's newest hockey heroes
Episode Synopsis:
Michael suffers the consequences of solitary confinement, Sona-style; Bellick has the fight of his life; Susan sets her sights on Sucre; T-Bag schemes his way into the escape.

Cell Wall – Boxed In – January 14, 2008

West Coast Edition

Season 3, Episode 9 (3x09)

You can find information about the Cell Wall here.

Basically, this is where you post your running commentary throughout the episode. This is to keep friends lists unflooded and to prevent spoilers from reaching the eyes of those that haven't seen the episode yet. So any squeeing, mirth, sorrow, random comments, or anything else like that, belongs here.PLEASE INCLUDE SUBJECT LINES IN YOUR COMMENTS!!! It makes topics much easier to find when the threads collapse, and it takes a second to write one out. Just press the "Comment" link and type away!
Enjoy the show!
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