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Escape is just the beginning.
23rd-Oct-2005 11:53 am - "Behind the Walls"
bri - pink
I think it might have been yesterday, but my TiVo picked up something on 'Prison Break' on Fox. I watched it last night and it was cast interviews of them telling the story of PB and how it all started... and Wentworth was SO hot. It was cool listening to him talk, so sophisticated.

Did anyone else catch this?
22nd-Oct-2005 01:40 pm(no subject)
For anyone who has OnDemand, the Fox section has put the Behind the Walls special up on it. There's also something about an interview with Stacy Keach and whoever plays Sara.

Just thought you all might want to know. :D
20th-Oct-2005 09:24 am - PrisonBreak behind the walls
Hey everyone,
I just finished watching a little bit of Behind The Walls special up till where MICHAEL gets his toes cut.The download took so long i just had to see at least a part of it. It was great, but the problem is the download takes forever to finish on my computer.
So, I was wondering if someone could take the whole special and make it into several clips and post it on the site so it would be easier for downloading.
I would very much appreciate this, and so would other ppl as well.
18th-Oct-2005 08:19 pm - PB video
[mcu] → winter soldier › cries
Hey there! I've posted the Special Episode (Behind the walls of Prison Break) at my LJ. Feel free to download it. :)

17th-Oct-2005 09:42 pm - "Behind the Walls"
Sadly, I missed the "Behind the Walls" special, and I don't think FOX has any plans of re-airing it. Does anybody have it uploaded onto their computer, and would care to share it? (I've been to prisonbreak_eps, but I've had trouble downloading it.) If anybody does, I love you, and I offer my (not yet born) first-born.

ETA: It's been uploaded. Thank you so much, littleone87!
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