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Friends Only banners

These are my first Friends Only banners I've done, so I hope you like them. If I get positive responses, then then I will continue making more, so please comment and if like to use them, it would me very happy and please don't get to credit. Thanks.

Here is a preview.

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There are 8 banners in my LJ zuppit or direct link here http://zuppit.livejournal.com/6858.html

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Friends Only Banner

Someone please tell me if I'm doing this wrong. I made a Friends Only banner. I made if after only a few hours with my PSP -- so please be kind. And take it if you want it. Oh, and I guess: no hotlinking, please credit.

Also, I want to practice, so I'm taking requests. Not that I'm any good, but still.

Eyes Only Friends Banner

And, it should be obvious, but I'll say it anyway: yes, that's Wentworth Miller's eyes.
nicki: close up


I haven't updated in ages and I have very good reasons. I was on vacation a few weeks back and now we've decided to move back to New Jersey. I'v been packing slowly and that brings out the icon-ist in me. I think it's because I'm willing to do anything BUT pack!

Here are a few to start you off. I've had a huge batch coming so I'll post that later on.

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14 total with a friends only banner