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The Sexiest People On Telly

David Tennant's Time Lord in Doctor Who and Anna Friel's Chuck in
Pushing Daisies have been named TV's sexiest male and female

Tennant has nearly a quarter of viewers (23 per cent) swooning in front
of their screens, while one in five have the hots for Friel, a Hallmark
Channel survey revealed.

More than 1,600 TV viewers took part in the poll, which was aimed at
examining the effects of sex appeal on keeping people hooked on
their favourite TV shows.

The recipe for sexiness in a TV character was thought to include
charisma (38 percent, looking great (36 per cent) and not playing
by the rules (12 per cent).

Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives fame, followed Friel in the
sexiest female TV character top 10, while Wentworth Miller, who
plays Michael Scofield in Prison Break, was voted second
exiest male character.


Second? Oh well. Yay for Anna Friel!!