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Knepper to be in movie

Scott, Olyphant to star in Hitman adaptation
Dougray Scott and Timothy Olyphant will star in the Luc Besson-produced The Hitman for 20th Century Fox. The movie is an adaptation of the popular video game. Olyphant will play hitman Agent 47, and Scott will play his antagonist. Olga Kurylenko (Paris je t'aime), Robert Knepper (Prison Break), Ulrich Thomsen (Festen), and Michael Offei (Casino Royale) also have joined the cast. (Variety)

Robert Knepper in Carnivàle

This isn't exactly breaking news, so please forgive me if it's has been discussed before.  Over the holiday I’ve been watching the HBO series  CarnivàleI thought I’d mention it because Robert Knepper has a small supporting role.  Carnivàle is about a traveling carnival.  It's set during the depression and has fantastic sets and costumes.  There’s this cool thing where the people working at the carnival really have psychic powers and can tell the future and heal people.  But believe me when I say it’s not for everybody.  It’s pretty slow, and sort of dark and disturbing.

Knepper plays a reporter who goes out on the road pretending to be a hobo, so he can listen to the life stories of people who've lost everything in the depression and report them on the radio.  If you’re a fan of the actor, and think you would get a kick out of seeing him in a period piece, you really should check out the show on DVD.  The guy he plays is very clean-cut and civilized.  Everything about him is different, from the way he carries himself to the timber of his voice.  I was really impressed.  He’s in 12 episodes.  You can check his IMDB profile for the titles.


ATTENTION FELLOW TEDOPHILES: T-Bag and TV Guide: Perfect Together

There is a one pager on Robert Knepper in next week's TV Guide (House is on the cover). In the article Robert reveals that his fans include cops. In fact, he says cops want to be T-Bag's bitches as they have asked to have their pictures taken with Robert whilst holding his pocket! Sidenote to cops: Please make sure you are out of uniform when you do this lest you get in trouble.