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Captain Swan in the snow

Michael Scofield Fanart

Because I am a bit obsessed with the tattoo......
Done in charcoal and dedicated to my Aussie pals. Especially becisvolatile who puts in into her fic as much as possible, and has Sara explore it....intimately. Right on.

After it loads it gets smaller (well, it does on my comp), you may need to enlarge it again in the bottom right corner.
I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


Hi All! Thanks for the comments on my last drawings.
Even though Wentworth is by far the hardest man Ive ever attempted to draw, I felt I had to keep trying because I drew one of Sara and she was meant to be one half of a pair (of course).

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Im working from a very poor printout so this is the closest likeness I can get to him. Ill have to buy a magazine when I see a PB article for the high res and try again I think, I wont rest until I'm happy with it though this will do for now.

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These are both about the actual size you see here, maybe a bit smaller.
Phantom of the Opera

New To The Community: Bearing Gifts =)

Ok...so apparently I am slow on the uptake because I just now discovered this community.  I have a rather deep and obsessive love for this show, most of which is focused on the brothers...they're hard to resist.  Anyways, writing is a passion of mine and I've decided to tackle Prison Break in all its angst, it provides endless potential  for stories...so I thought I would post one of my stories here as a contribution to this wonderful community!  Some of you may have already read this over at prisonbreak_fic, so sorry for the repitition!  Enjoy!

Title: Twisted Refrain
Author: Aspen Snow
Character: Michael
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I'm not like them is the only justification Michael has...

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Just like I promised, here's a T-bag/Michael story! I don't know what it is, I'm just in a fic writing mood this weekend. Anyway this one is far more disturbing than the others so um, reader discretion is advised?

Title: What We Do For Love
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: T-bag/Michael and a little Lincoln
Rating: NC-17 (Watch how my ratings just keep going up!)
Warnings: Non-consentual sex, slightly incestuous voyeurism

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My title is lame, but I always just come up with them when I post. I was going to name them all after Kings of Leon songs like the last one, but I couldn't find one that fit this one. So you're stuck with this sappy title.


Something a little different. I don't know how I feel about this one yet, but I find it kind of pretty. Not as dark as my other ones either.

Title: River Dreams
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: None. But it features River Tam, Michael, T-bag.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Smidge of violence
Author's Notes: This is a crossover between Serenity and Prison Break. River is dreaming of the PB boys. I don't think you have to have seen the movie or show to know what's going on, but if you have it makes even more sense.

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I promise more slash, less arty-ness next time. I just love River so much and this crossover has been kicking around in my head for days.