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Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Here is a link to an article that I found today and thought it might be of interest since it is kinda of spoilerish.


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Also a new batch of Questions and Answers with Frank have been uploaded to the Web site.  Michael Gaston (Quinn) was mentioned in one.


WB Morning Show

Just read on another messageboard that Frank Grillo appeared on the WB Morning Show promoting "Prison Break."

In all of my searching I never came across a listing that he would be appearing.  Did anyone happen to catch Frank's appearance on the show?  If you did would you have a copy of it?

Also read that Dominic Purcell has been on a few radio shows.  I'm going to try and see if any of them are online.  If I do I'll post a link to the interviews.

Q & A with Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Frank has been kind and agreed to answer questions sent in by the fans. Please send questions to questions@frank-grillo.com. Frank has requested no personal questions in regards to his family. Also, I have the feeling that no spoiler information will be given out in regards to "Prison Break".

All the information is located at http://www.frank-grillo.com/. Check out the News/Updates Section or head on over to Q & A With Frank.


Update - the address on the website had a typo and has been corrected. The correct email address is listed in this post. Sorry, for the confustion.

Frank Grillo/Nick Savrinn/Love Our Children

I posted in regards to this yesterday and here is an update to my first post.

Here is the link to the new press release:


The part mentioning Frank, and that caught my attention since I'm webmistress to his site:

To create further awareness about Love Our Children USA's work, Nancy Kerrigan has taped a :30 PSA for television. And to help raise money for the holiday season, Frank Grillo of Prison Break is helping theorganization to raise money through his Web site.

I'm very happy that I can help out Frank and Love our Children USA by spreading the word about the organization.

If anyone is able to spread the word that would be great.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.