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Prison Twist Makes Sarah Lose Her Head Again

Well, crap. Don't tell me they're lopping Sarah Wayne Callies' head off again on Prison Break.

"I got to [reading] the end of episode 15," she tells us, "and my head was kind of floating on a string."


Thankfully, though, that was just a figure of speech, and Sarah's character, Dr. Sara Tancredi, is not once again losing her head. Whew! (Reminder: Her head was chopped off and put in a box last season, but it was revealed that wasn't really Sara.)

However, a major twist is going down, and it sounds like a show-changer.

And could it, um, involve a pregnancy?

The Prison Break cast and producers hit the Paley Center for Media, and here's the scoop they spilled to us

More Michael and Sara: Michael and Sara have been taking it slow, but their romance will be accelerating in the weeks to come. According to executive producer Matt Olmstead, "At the beginning of this season they couldn't just [get together] right off the bat and run through meadows of wildflowers. [Michael and Sara have] been through a whole hell of a lot. Slowly as [this season] chips at the things that are between them, it's going to get to a point of real kind of intimacy between the two." Can I get a hell yes?

Boy Fight? As the season progresses, Michael and Lincoln will actually grow apart. Says Olmstead, "There are some revelations about Michael and Lincoln's family that knocks them on their keisters. Everything kind of gets turned upside down in terms of their relationship."

Shocking Turn: According to Matt, something big is coming down the pike in episode 15 (episode 10 airs tonight). Says Matt, "It's something that we had talked about that was similar to bringing Sarah back, essentially. Which was when—it was a discussion we had back in season three—let's put it in our back pocket. We have this if we need to go to it, if we want to go to it. And we ended up wanting to go to it. So this card that we're turning in 15 is something that was kind of talked about in certain conversations, at certain lengths, last season."

Sarah reveals that when she read the twist in 15, "I thought, 'I don't know where they're going to go with that!'" Gee...what happened last year? Sarah Wayne Callies was pregnant! Could this mean they're activating a Dr. Sara pregnancy storyline that's been on layaway?

Says Matt, "I don't know anything about that." Ditto a network rep, and maybe I just have babies on the brain, but I'm staying suspicious...and bringing a preggo test stick to set next time I go.

Tick-Tock? Could Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) be clocking out before the end of season four? Says Olmstead, "A character like that has burned so many bridges...She's [used] eight or nine lives already."

What's Next? The many-headed Company may not be easy to kill. In fact, I'm told that while the gang's current quest will wrap by the end of episode 16, when the show returns next year they will very likely be battling a different division of the Company with the same funding but a different nefarious scheme.


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