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A Familiar Face Returns to 'Prison Break'

Someone we haven't seen since the first season will be back

It isn't unusual for "Prison Break" characters to return from the dead, so fans should get ready to see a long-lost familiar face.

[Obviously a spoiler is coming...]

Remember Charles Westmoreland?

Played by Muse Watson, he was a key part of Michael Scofield's first season plans to escape from Fox River.

Michael believed the old guy was actually the long-lost D.B. Cooper and hoped to take advantage of Cooper's hidden, stolen wealth. The character was last seen apparently (or absolutely) dying in the midst of the break that ended the show's first season.

Well, Westmoreland and Watson are coming back, "Prison Break" fans. The character will appear on the Monday, Dec. 15 episode. We can't tell you how or why, except to say that Michael encounters Westmoreland as part of the season's ongoing investigation into the riddles of Scylla. Will it also have something to do with Michael's particular ongoing medical condition? Who knows.

In other "Prison Break" casting news, Kathleen Quinlan will begin a recurring guest spot on the show's fall finale, currently set for Dec. 22. She'll play a mysterious woman with ties to the Company, which could mean anything.

Quinlan is probably most familiar for her Oscar and Golden Globe nominated work in "Apollo 13" and her starring role in the series "Family Law."

FOX has yet to schedule a spring return date for "Prison Break."
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