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Spoiler from Watch With Kristin

Prison Break: Three Big Deaths Are Coming

Sources confirm exclusively that three characters will be dying very soon on Prison Break, and if you're going to believe lovely leading lady Sarah Wayne Callies, at least one of them will not be easy for the fans to take.
"We’re going to lose a couple of people, a couple of people we have loved from the beginning," she tells us exclusively. "And we’re very, very, very sorry to see go. And we may be starting to lose the one person none of us thought we could."
Ummm...If you're talking about Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield), Sarah, you'll need to give us (and millions of fans around the globe) a moment, a paper bag to breathe into and possibly some Valium 'cause we were under the assumption that men who are hot as fire are not killed off of TV shows!
To prevent widespread (and internal) panic, I have done some digging among sources and have this exclusive scoop on the upcoming deaths and shockers you must prepare yourself for...
The facts:
There are three big deaths over the next two episodes. (Note: The show is preempted on Oct. 27 for the World Series.)
One of them involves a character who has been on the show since day one.
There is a shooting, a torture and a drowning.
One is very heroic.

And OMG, Michael Scofield is totally not going to die. Are you crazy?

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