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Spoilers for the season premiere!

I posted this in my journal, but figured it made more sense to post them here, too. :)

Spoilers: Vague and indirect, just the way I like them.

It's been 3 weeks since the Sona breakout and Michael's in LA, where "it ends today."

On my disc at least, there's some snazzy new theme music.

Party at the Roosevelt Hotel! Two people I don't like are there.
Speaking of which, Gretchen looks manly in a dress.

There's a very expensive item that gets bought, copied, stolen and lost.

We learn how exactly Ms Tancredi made it back without a head.

Someone begs for their life; someone else reaches out to a loved one.

Sona is gone, some of our buddies are missing.

We see someone's mommy again; we see someone's website again.

There's a meeting of the minds ... where someone loses his. Onto the pavement.

Scylla - aside from being a six-headed monster that's nearly impossibly to kill - is The Company's book-o-secrets. So that almost makes The Company Scylla and Scylla Heracles. Yeah, I knew that wouldn't make sense.

The Bag is back and hairier than ever!

Lincoln and Sonja are too cute.

There's an assassin who could use some manners. And that makes three dead, if you're counting.

The fuzz are onto a few people, who are all promptly arrested. It's a matter of national security, thank you.

The worst pants in Sona is also the worst getaway driver ever.

The formerly headless doctor looks good, if not a little too skinny. There's a strange bed scene ... she's in a nightgown, he's fully clothed and they're in full-on cheese mode.

We have a ragtag team. More like the E-Team than the A-Team, if you ask me.

Money trades hands a few times.

My favorite PB moment of all time might be in the episode. Look for the fish tank thermometer with a penlight strapped to the top and prepare to laugh.
Bring on the cheese. I love it.
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