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Spoiler from Watch With Kristin

It's true. A Fox rep for Prison Break confirmed to me that one (or two!) of the show's main characters will die in the season premiere, which airs Sept. 1 at 8 p.m.—at least one actor is leaving the series for good.
So who is it? That is a secret producers desperately want to protect (and for good reason, 'cause it's a good surprise), but I can tell you that both of these potential dead bodies are in fact hot bodies and will be missed. Feel free to post your theories and try to figure it out in the comments below.
Meanwhile, executive producer Zack Estrin gave us this exclusive look at two new characters who will be filling the shoes of the departed:
"We have a new character, known simply as Wyatt (Cress Williams), who is the Company guy who is trying to track them this year. He is the guy with the gun who is hot on our guys' trail. Because when the season begins, there is a cover story that our guys are placed into a Supermax prison, and slowly but surely clues are coming out that they aren't in there—that they're up to something else maybe. This guy's job is to find out what they're really up to.
"Another new character is a hacker named Roland. Our team has learned to have some level of trust among each other, or at least they know everyone else's agenda, but this is a new guy they're forced to work with, and they're not sure how they feel about him, but they need his expertise in the technological stuff that our guys don't necessarily have."
I met James Hiroyuki Liao, who plays Roland, while on set last week and can tell you he's great in the role—and really gets under Michael and Lincoln's skin. Who doesn't love an Asian guy with a thick Brooklyn accent? Check back Monday for video of my interviews with all your P.B. faves! guesses on who's leaving the show for good? Comment below! (And if you're in the American version of WWK, click Fall Premiere Reminders at right to add the Prison Break premiere into your personal calendar!)
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