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More of PB at Press Tour

TCA press tour: ‘Prison Break’ing news
The turnout for Fox’s “Prison Break” breakfast disappointed– no Wentworth Miller; no Sarah Wayne Callies, though both were promised. I did talk to Robert Knepper, who wouldn’t tell me a darn thing about what Tea Bag will get up to in the new season, which begins Labor Day. But he agreed that Tea Bag is like a cockroach: You can’t kill him, although you can chop pieces of him off.

Then I had a nice long talk with co-executive producer Nick Santora about bringing Sara back. He said the writers had deliberately left Sara’s fate open from the beginning. “That’s why we shot the head scene” — a head alleged to be Sara’s, in a box — “in a dark garage, partly decomposed and turned to the side.” They had always hoped to get Callies back, he said, and when they did, they dropped in the line when LJ said he hadn’t seen her die, just heard it. (”I was onto you,” I told him. “We didn’t fool everybody,” he said.)

As for the new season, Santora wasn’t spilling much either. It’s shot in LA, as we know, after Chicago and Texas previously. A little time (”maybe a week and a half”) has passed since the season finale. We”ll see Sara pretty early in the season, and “it won’t be that long” before Michael sees her too — and that, Santora said, “will be very powerful.” Hot, too, I’m hoping.

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