PamalaX (pamalax) wrote in _prisonbreak,

A little non MS Season Four Talk?

Note: Before anyone gets defensive allow me to point out the season four chatter to this point has been about 80% MiSa so one thread excluding them in favor of the rest of the cast and story should be perfectly fair considering I'm pretty sure no one on those threads has any interest in talk of T Bag or Mahone invading the ship. Fair?

Now that all that is taken care of I'm curious to hear your thoughts on everything season four not Michael/Sara.

What I say is pure speculation but be warned spoilers could end up in the comments

My thoughts...

~I'm dying to see more brothers this season. This story started with two brothers and there has been far too little of that in the last 2 seasons.

~I'm dreading seeing LJ shoved out of the picture for his own safety - you know thats coming - once again. As a parent I just can't imagine letting him out of my sight EVER AGAIN.

~While I have no clue who's on their way out I'm eager and willing to bid Whistler and Gretchen good-bye as the first was never developed well and the second I can't stand.

~Naturally I'm dying for all I can get of my man Mahone. I'm hoping his ride off with the baddies was a double cross and he'll be working with M & L.

~I also REALLY HOPE they don't hurt his family. If Pam's head must roll so be it but murdering a 6-7 year old kid is nastier than any head in the box so here's hoping they don't go there.

~For the love of all that is good and decent keep Bellick clothed, give him a plot or kill the character off.

~Same for T Bag with a lil more passion as Knepper is too fine an actor to be EVER wasted.

Guess that's enough from me... what you got?

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