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PB on Kristen's new Vine show

The text reveals a spoiler about tonight's episode. If you saw the previews for tonight then it's not super spoilery, but I am warning you first in case you want the episode be a mystery. :)
There are also mentions of happening in past season 3 episodes and some spoilers from Heroes and the Office in the video.

From Kristen: This day will be memorable, because you will share it with Wentworth Miller, with whom I visited on the set in Texas not too long ago. You should know, this visit didn't go down during any old episode. It happened during tonight's big Prison Break breakout episode. Yes, you heard me! The boys are breaking out!

If you haven't been keeping up on Fox's PB, you should know that the series has been ratcheting up the action in the past few episodes, and tonight will be a game-changer of sorts that you don't want to miss. Oh, and did I mention Wentworth will be dangling off a helicopter? Yes, Christmas is coming early, my friends!

I've also got red-hot scoop on Weeds and Heroes, not to mention David Denman's thoughts on the return of Roy! (D'oh!) Press play above to partake in the festivities.

Click here to hop over to the site and watch the video.
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