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what about....??!!!

<p>hey guys! im so sorry for keep on talking about the same subject.... but i just cant get over it...<br />i mean sarah's death...&nbsp;!!!<br />i was sooo shocked... i just saw that part and i had to put pause on the "FOX on demand" website to write this...<br />i mean... what about the date misa had planned?? what about the ride off to the sunset?? what about drinking beers at the beach?? what about everything they've gone through, everything WE have gone through to see them together and happy!! i am so sad... i don't even want to see the part when lincoln has to tell michael about sarah... he's going to be desvatated./... poor guy... i have the feeling i'm goingo to cry so muchhhh!!!&nbsp; i mean she was all he's got... all he fighted for. they couldn't even have a last meeting or call.... she just..... died...! the last thing they said to each other (at least) were i love you...!<br />i hope the producers can fix this.... maybe tell lincoln it was all a lie, that she is really alive..i don't know but i can't stand this... im so frustrated!!!&nbsp;<br />uuuff... okk i feel more relieved now... but i really do hope the producers can fix this, and that they can bring a new love interest for our michael, hoping she'll be at least better than sarah or the same (which i doubt it...)<br />well guys... if you have your comments or feel the same as me, &nbsp;please feel free to share them!!... i just needed to put that out there!!&nbsp;<br />byee</p>

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