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Ausiello on Prison Break

Question: I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that Michael shouldn't get a new love interest so soon after Sara's death on Prison Break. Don't the writers have a little respect for Michael's true love — who was just decapitated!? — Isabelle
Ausiello: Actually, they do, which is why I hear the arrival of Michael's potential rebound gal has been pushed back. But she is coming, and I know this because executive producer Matt Olmstead gave me a preview of the character, who's name will be Molly. "She has a background that also involves loss — and a recent loss at that," he says. "So the cool thing is they're both emotionally banged up and they can empathize with each other. But they're not going to be jumping into bed together, because they both recently lost someone dear to them." Of course, Olmstead doesn't rule out such shenanigans down the road. "Yeah, but that's a long way down the road," he insists. "But, certainly, anything's possible." BTW, if you missed my exclusive Dr. Sara postmortem with Olmstead, click here.

Question: Got anything on Prison Break that doesn't have to do with a certain decapitated doctor? — Gary
Ausiello: Last I checked, Mahone was neither headless or an MD, so this should do the trick: "A couple ghosts from [Mahone's] past enter his life and make certain deals," Olmstead reveals. "He clearly wants out of there and [was certainly] successful in leveraging his way onto the escape, but then a competing offer comes in that initially looks legitimate." Mahone's drug-dependency issues will further complicate matters. "You have a guy who really starts to spiral. This is a guy who is absolutely getting taxed and pushed to his limits. We'll see how he gets out of it."

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