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Orientacion recap and review

Another season, another blogger. I am extremely sad to see Jeff leave the TV Fodder family, but the show has gone on. Here's the recap on the season three kickoff, "Orientacion."

In case you have forgotten, Michael, T-Bag, Bellick, and Mahone have all landed themselves in Sona, a prison that appears to have been modeled after Hell's waiting room.

The show opens with a woman; a woman that I don't ever recall seeing before. Has it been that long since the show's been on? The woman is gone and we flash to fight club -- Michael is in the middle of a melee in his "new" and not-so-improved prison surroundings. He's not the one fighting; after all, he's a lover, remember?

So these other two guys are fighting, and one throws down the gauntlet -- or what appears to be a chicken foot.

Michael wakes up the next day to find Bellick in his underpants stumbling across what looks like a courtyard. He may be beaten, but he still has his sass, which he delivers promptly to another inmate. As a result, he gets the old mud-in-the-eye, but also makes a friend.

Mahone isn't much better off. He is still clothed, but is going through some kind of drug withdrawals, which includes flashbacks of the many good and evil things he has done in the previous season. Michael remembers some of those things, which includes the murder of his father. So the two have no alliance as of yet.

Meanwhile, Linc is in the middle of a role-reversal thing, trying to get Michael out. In the process, he finds out that Sona is where evil men go to die -- some sooner than others. There are no guards, no laws, but apparently, a lot of grooming.

Linc goes to visit Michael, and tells him he will be transferred out of Sona in one day. Of course, Michael is more concerned with what's happened to Sara. Unfortunately, no one knows where she is. Don't worry Michael; she's just on maternity leave. [Click the link if you want a MAJOR spoiler.]

As Linc leaves, he appears to fear for Michael's next 24 hours. He should since this is only the first episode of the season. Also, about two seconds later, someone grabs Michael and brings him into some type of inner lair, where drugs are flowing freely and the nuns are apparently prostitutes.

This is where we meet Lechero, who is the king of the crud inside Sona. He appears to have his eye on Michael, and not in a "prison rape" sort of way.

Back to Bellick for a minute: You have to feel sorry for this guy. I know he was a total turd at Fox River, but hasn't he been sufficiently paid back yet? Apparently, he should have attempted suicide when he had the chance. Now he is cleaning Hell's toilets, which look like they've been through Woodstocks 1 through 5.

Almost 30 minutes in, we finally see T-Bag! The man with the plastic hand is alive and well -- as well as he could be. He even finds a new friend in Lechero. Michael spots him too. Do I see a chicken foot incident in our near future?

Another new character: Elliot Pike. He seems to be egging Michael on to escape Sona. Why? Um, maybe because the show is called, "Prison Break." Maybe he works for Fox. To make Michael's day a little more hectic, someone has planted drugs in his bed -- someone else's drugs. Again, chicken foot.

Instead of waiting for the chicken foot to come to him, Michael picks up the foot first. However, it's not really by choice. It's Thunderdome, baby. Two men enter, one man leaves...

Mahone offers up some fighting strategies to Michael. On his way out to the playing field, Bellick slips a note into Michael's pocket. It's from the man living inside the basement wall. Yes -- you read that right. His name is James Whistler, and apparently he is important.

Michael enters the ring of fire. In a bizarre twist, Bellick also has a note for Michael's opponent. Michael calls out that he's not going to fight and then he sucker-kicks his opponent in the kneecap, just as Mahone instructed. This is followed by a series of facial blows, but the audience expects a fight to the death. Michael doesn't play that way -- but these are also new rules.

One of those rules is "no weapons." So when a knife is thrown into the middle of the fight, Mahone jumps in and introduces the guy to his maker. He's killed plenty, so what's another notch on his bedpost? It also might just put him in Michael's good graces, if that's even possible.

LJ made a brief appearance in this episode. Or at least his eyes and mouth did. We haven't seen Linc's kid in quite some time, and things are not looking good. He calls Linc out of the blue and says that not only is he in Panama, but he got Linc;s number from Sara. Then he gives him directions to meet somewhere in the city, only his cell reception is bad. Can you here me now? No -- but I'm guessing it's not the last we’ll hear of you either.

Apparently, Linc made some sense of the message because he managed to show up at the right place, at the right time. This is where we see the woman -- the one from the very beginning of the episode. Her hotness and "cat"-scratch fever aren't enough to pique Linc's interest. However, the fact that she knows his name is very interesting indeed. Turns out that she is involved with Sara, LJ and basement man.

This brings us to another interesting, minor character in the episode. Throught, we saw a woman outside Sona shouting for them to "bring out your dead." Once they finally do, she does not throw herself on the dead husband as we had originally expected. Instead she goes through their pockets. However, she's not looking for money or even gum. She is looking for the note that Bellick had left behind. It reads: "Versailles 1989 V. Madrid." What does this mean? Is it another tattoo opportunity for Michael?

Linc comes back to let Michael know that there's going to be no transfer. There's going to be another prison break. Otherwise, Sara and LJ will get cut from the cast credits -- permanently.

Great kick-off to the third season. There was no Sucre (who appeared in next week's preview, so I guess he's not dead) and no Sara (whose back is in next week's preview), but plenty of action and questions. For those of you who thought it couldn't last... gather up the kids. We've got another "Prison Break!" -- Rachel Cericola

And don't forget the AmEx preview! Use Fat Joe and 800-528-4800 to get it. (thanks for the reminder, quarkz!!) :o)
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