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Voting for Round Three of the Fic Awards now open!

Voting for the Master Criminal Fan Fic Awards-Round Three is now OPEN!! 

Yay! It's finally here! Click on the link above to see the list of nominations and to go to the voting page. Voting runs until Sept 27th! 

There is only one round of voting this time and you may only vote one time. So be sure to read through and see which ones really stand out as the best. 

We tried to keep it to the Top 8, as promised. However, just like our fandom, the choices for best fics were diverse and sometimes it wasn't possible to narrow it down to the Top 8. Sometimes, there are less than the Top 8. Head over and check out the nominations to see who made it into the finals. 

Any questions, email

Good luck to all nominees! 


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