flysafe_poppy (flysafe_poppy) wrote in _prisonbreak,

Prison Break Magazines

I recently fell in love with the tv show PRISON BREAK. I have heard such great reviews about it from ppl that I know. SO I had to check it out. Man, I had no idea what I was missing!! I love it!! And this Monday is the season premiere! Totally psyched out about it!! I need to know what will happen to my fave characters!
I'm looking for anything and everything on PRISON BREAK. This includes Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. I'm searching for all of the Prison Break magazines. If you have some to sell, contact me. Would love to know what issues you have, the prices for them and shipping and handling. I can only give you "well concealed cash." I don't have paypal. Sorry folks!

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