PamalaX (pamalax) wrote in _prisonbreak,

Only one week left! YAY!

While I'll understand if the moderators decide its not fitting I think with all the threads of discontent, frustration and worry its very important to get back to the excitement of knowing there is brand new episode of Prison Break coming our way one week from today.

There are loads places for the other stuff so please use this thread to share you enthusiasm and excitement for the notion that there is only week of the long painful hiatus left to get through

A week from today we'll all be chilling our favorite cool drinks and popping up the popcorn for the 8pm return of a show we all love. The promos I've seen are exciting and nothing short of visually spectacular.
Knowing so many talented people have worked so hard to bring us a new of season Prison Break makes me all kinds of grateful. I'm VERY EXCITED about it and missing the sharing of that excitement with all of you.

You want to get excited too ... start in counting down the days along with me -- I'll make the popcorn but you'll have to bring your own soft drinks -- jump right on into this thread.

Only 7 more days!

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