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Nick Santora comment about SWC and Season 3.

Hi. Know you all have concerns about recent media reports but as always, I can't tell you what is going to happen in the show. As I said earlier, you will not see another actress playing the Dr. Tancredi role running through the jungles of Panaman ... I stand by that - that is all I can and will say. You'll have to watch the show. Sorry, but when I first came on this forum I made it clear that I am not allowed to divulge storylines. If I have to choose between keeping my job and answering your questions, I choose keeping my job. That being said, Season 3 is fantastic -- you should ignore rumors and the press and just watch it and see what happens. You'll enjoy the heck out of the show. Okay, things at work are crazy so I won't be online for a while. Be well, Nick.

What I want to say about this:

Well, I think that the questions is still without an answer. They are all the time avoiding it, trying to tell things without really answering. We know now, that there is not going to be another woman playing sarah wayne callies character, but the question is still here. is she going to be on the show or not?

this sucks. really does.

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