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More Info On New Cast

UPDATED 6/20/07


Prison Break has filled two of the four roles it's adding for Season 3. Brunette beauty Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (She's All That) has been cast as an operative for the Company, the conspiracy group that has dogged the boys since the day Steadman was "killed." O'Keefe's character, rumored to possibly be a love interest for Dominic Purcell's long-chaste Linc, is reportedly named Betty Crocker, but that is either a typo or just plain silly.

Also joining the cast is Robert Wisdom (The Wire) as Luchero, an incarcerated Panamanian drug lord who calls da shots in Michael's squalid new digs.

All Saints star joins Prison Break

Chris Vance
'All Saints' star Chris Vance is joining the cast of the hit action-adventure show 'Prison Break' for the third series.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the British-born actor, who plays Dr Sean Everleigh in 'All Saints', will play a mysterious prisoner in the third series of 'Prison Break'.

Earlier this week actors Robert Wisdom ('The Wire') and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe ('Nash Bridges') also joined the cast.

Production on the third series of 'Prison Break' is due to begin in the US on 2 July.

[I guess "All Saints" is a show in the UK. When I first saw this I thought it was talking about the singing group of the same name!]


Prison Break Imprisons Down Under Sensation
Chris Vance, a London-born actor who as has been making waves in Australia (on the prime-time medical drama/suder All Saints), has been cast on Prison Break in the role of Whistler, a mysterious fellow inmate at the Panamanian hellhole Michael & Co. now call home. With Jodi Lyn O'Keefe and Robert Wisdom previously welcomed on board the Fox series, out of the four new roles originally announced, the only one that that remains to be filled is Whistler's drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend.

[Okay, All Saints is an Australian show.]
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