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Fears for Prison Break co-star

May 23, 2007

PRISON Break star Robert Knepper fears for Lane Garrison if he goes into prison but insists that his co-star has done the right thing in pleading guilty.
Garrison is facing a hefty prison sentence after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter. He was double the alcohol limit and had cocaine in his system when he smashed his Land Rover into a tree in December.

A 17-year-old passenger, Vahagn Setian, was killed. Two 15-year-old girls who were also in the car survived.

But Knepper, who plays the Five show’s sick convict T-Bag, is worried about his young former cast-mate’s safety.

“If he is unlucky enough to go to prison they are going to treat him like Tweener,” Knepper told Sun online.

Garrison played Tweener in the show, a young inmate who was bullied by other prisoners and eventually raped by a fellow convict.

But Knepper also believes that Garrison deserves mercy because he admitted his wrongdoing.

“The wonderful thing about Lane is that he is a man. And he is a man in the truest sense: he takes responsibility for his actions.

“He stood up in front of that judge and he didn’t say, as most people would, ‘I plead not guilty’. He said ‘I did it, and I regret so much that this happened’.”

“But, you know, he did it. And if you are the parents of that kid then you want him to pay," he added.

“Hopefully they have enough forgiveness in them to say ‘don’t throw away the key’.”
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