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Prison Break actors' upcoming films

Only one episode of Prison Break left! On the summer break, why not catch some of your favorite Prison Break actors in other roles? Some are leaving the show (or have already left) but others are simply keeping busy by appearing in films while simultaneously staying with the Fox hit show.

While Wentworth Miller seems to be spending his time appearing in Korean advertisements for Bean Pole jeans, a lot of his Prison Break co-stars are busy playing parts in movies and other series this year.

This month Prison Break's Mahone, William Fichtner, is starring in the thriller First Snow alongside Guy Pearce, Piper Perabo, and J.K. Simmons. Also in theatres this month is the comedy Blades of Glory, in which Fichtner stars alongside Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Craig T. Nelson, Arrested Development's Will Arnett, and The Office's Jenna Fischer.

Robert Knepper, Prison Break's T-Bag, will be in the film adaptation of Hitman, based on the hit video game series. Currently filming and expected to hit theatres later this year, Hitman also stars Dougray Scott of Desperate Housewives and Deadwood's Timothy Olyphant.

Rockmond Dunbar's rumoured to be leaving Prison Break to work on a new series this fall, but details are few are far and between at this point. And will Kellerman be leaving? Paul Adelstein has been tapped for the new Grey's Anatomy spinoff - jokingly being called "Montgomery Ward" by some bloggers, but tentatively officially titled "Private Practice."

Lane Garrison, Prison Break's Tweener, plays Donnie Fenn in this month's Mark Wahlberg / Danny Glover Shooter. This might be your last chance to catch Garrison in anything but the six o'clock news, as Garrison could be facing up to ten years in prison if convicted of his recent vehicular manslaughter charge. His arraignment will take place in April 11, and we'll keep you up to date with any news on that.

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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