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SWC & WM Interview with My FOX Birmingham

23 March 2007 @ 11:13 pm
SWC & WM Interview with My FOX Birmingham
Sarah Wayne Callies and Wentworth Miller Interview with My FOX Birmingham
Transcribed by ephiny79

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Sarah Verser: Welcome back everyone. Well, ‘Prison Break’ is back with all of the excitement. News Corps, the owner of the FOX TV News station and this station, gave me the chance to talk with two of the stars, Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies. More with the scoop… Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies join us this morning. Good morning, guys!

Both: Good morning. [big smiles]

SarahV: Okay, the gist of this thing for fans of ‘Prison Break’ is: if you thought that last season was thrilling, hold onto your socks, ‘cause it’s getting even scarier and crazier when it airs tonight.

Went: It’s true. It’s true. I’ve been asked, um, if I think the second season is more violent than the first, and I say that I don’t, I don’t believe that’s the case. But first season, when someone died, it was usually an inmate somewhere in the background. Second season, when someone dies, uh, it’s someone that you know and have come to care about, so the violence feels more significant, I think, more impactful.

SarahV: Wow.

SWC: For us too. We’re sort of losing family members [laughs] as they tick down, and there’s certainly a bunch more going in the next, uh, in the next few episodes coming up.

Went: Yeah.

SarahV: You have had a lot of carnage… [both laugh] in the show. Let’s talk about you two. What’s going on between you two?

SWC: [scratches the back of her neck and squints] Not a lot. You know…

Went: Every so often they throw us together [Sarah giggles with glee] hoping for a couple sparks, but so far…

SWC: [giggles] We don’t like working together, so we just kind of… [turns her head the other way and playfully gives him the hand, and Went laughs and blushes]

SarahV: Well, it’s kind of hard when you’re on the run, isn’t it, uh, Wentworth?

Went: It is. That’s the challenge, um, because Michael and Sara do have a romantic connection. Um, they’ve been through the fire. They’re still walking through the fire, but umm, people are dying around them. People want them dead, so it’s really hard to forge any kind of relationship in the way that uh, the normal person, the average person would think of a relationship.

SWC: There’s also, I think from my perspective, there’s the issue of Lincoln. Um. Part of it’s just physically that he’s always there whenever [giggles with Went] I’m around Michael, which is a little unique, [what a sweet way of saying he’s a pain in the butt!] but it’s also, um, I think from Sara’s perspective she’s very anxious not to try and get between these brothers, not to compete for Michael’s attention or affection, um, and to be respectful of the heroic efforts that he’s, you know, undertaken on his brother’s behalf. At the same time, she still needs him, so that’s a balance there to find.

SarahV: Okay, let’s backtrack a little bit. Wentworth, your character, Michael, got into prison to break out your brother.

Went: Yes.

SarahV: And so now you’re on the run.

Went: That’s right.

SarahV: And then Sarah, your character is a doctor who is also named Sara.

SWC: Mmhmm.

SarahV: So, okay, fill us in now.

Went: Well, I think, uh, once we all escaped from prison first season, which Michael only accomplished by manipulating Doctor Sara with whom he had developed some kind of a romantic attraction. Um, the plan was to get to Panama as quickly as possible. Um, but it became clear, and that’s where the show picks up, uh, tonight, um, that fleeing was not the answer. The answer is fighting, and the brothers have to stay and take on this government conspiracy that has destroyed so many lives up to, including in many ways, Doctor Sara’s, because, not only did Michael manipulate her and jeopardize her professional career, but she’s lost her father, um, because of events that Michael helped set in motion. She’s now the center of this government conspiracy, so tonight we see these guys, um, stand and fight, aided by an unexpected ally who, up until this point, had been trying to kill all of them.

SWC: The flip side of that, of course, is that now that they’re standing and fighting, um, I have this key that they need, and so there’s… We’re returning to some, some old ground between Michael and Sara, which is, umm… Does he wanna be with me, or does he need my help because he needs something I can give him? And I think we’ve gotta… the first thing that they have to address between the two of them is, uh, is what his intentions actually are.

Went: Honorable! Of course. [ornery grin]

SWC: Mmm, [rolls her eyes] nothing but honorable. Um, and then, and then what to do.

Went: I just need the key.

SWC: [laughs out loud then curls her hand in the “gimme” gesture] I love you, I love you, I love you, give me the key. Thank you, babe. [Went chuckles]

SarahV: Well, I always say, having a love interest is pretty hard when the FBI is on your tail. Thank you guys, both, for joining us this morning.

Went: [both laugh loudly] Really? We should be interviewing you!

SWC: Sarah, we have some questions for you! [both still having a good laugh at the anchor’s expense]

SarahV: Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies, thanks for joining us.

Both: Thank you.

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