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The Amazing Chase

On ''Prison Break,'' half the cast lines up in pursuit of T-Bag and his bag in Panama; meanwhile, Kellerman may testify and save Sara
By Kate Sullivan

It's Panama-monium! Everyone and (literally) his brother was in Panama this episode. If they're in the cast, alive, not in jail, not newly released from jail with a new identity, and not Kellerman, they showed up in Panama.

But first a few words about the characters who remained north of the border. Out of all the people on this show who are seeking redemption, Kellerman seemed the least likely to get it. Fans have long hoped that the charming pretend jerky salesman would end up doing some good to make up for his bad. And good he will do, testifying in Sara's trial that the conspiracy of which she and Michael spoke was real. (Why wasn't there a Company sniper hanging out in front of the courthouse to prevent this?) I'm glad Kellerman didn't take himself out at the hotel, but he is going to have a strange life from now on. (Maybe he really will become a jerky salesman.) He certainly won't be offered any more super-secret jobs once he blathers about everything on the stand. And like Mahone, he really can't ''undo'' the things he's done; even if Kellerman saves Sara, his body count tops (or at least matches) T-Bag's. Still, it's good to see someone fighting for Sara. Her lawyer worked about as hard as Bellick's did to clear his client's name. And shouldn't Sara at least have known about the maximum-security-prison thing before she went in to plea?

Back to Panama: I don't know if I'd want to stay at a hotel whose name means ''end of the road.'' Is that phrase ever positive? That's what you hear when you're held at gunpoint — and boy, did that happen a lot this episode.

The only one to actually get shot, though, was Bellick, and now it seems he's headed to prison to boot. (Is he the one who will end up in ''Sona''? The message boards are abuzz that the four-letter word is a corrupt Panamanian prison rumored to be used by the United States. A quick Wikipedia search validated that theory, but a Google search for ''Sona prison'' showed no non-PB links.) Anyway, after the hoodie-wearing twins, Michael and Sucre, immediately ran into each other at the Fin del Camino hotel, Bellick and the former cellmates got T-Bag out of the hotel by pulling a fire alarm. Michael constructed a win-win-win situation where he'd bag T-Bag, Bellick would get the money, and Sucre would be told where to find his lady friend. But the guys were set up.

T-Bag took a step onto his hotel balcony to make sure he was visible to Michael, and then his wandering eyes made the agents he was working with visible as well. At first Michael thought they were feds, then he thought they were Company. Judging from the prostitute they basically allowed T-Bag to kill, I'd say Company. But maybe they are the new Kellermans, who will do anything when ordered. Either way, banging matching outfits, guys; where did you get those khaki pants and dark, short-sleeve button-downs? The Big and Tall Agent Store?

T-Bag led the gang toward an abandoned building, but Linc broke up the conga line of T-Bag, the feds, Michael and Co., and Mahone by tackling Mahone. After wrestling around with the agent, Linc stuck his finger in Mahone's bullet wounds — in my opinion, this is second only to sticking your fingers in someone's eye sockets in terms of grossness. But in the end, it was Linc who had a gun to his face. He couldn't kill Mahone anymore than Michael could kill T-Bag.

The pity I've had for season 2's T-Bag almost made me forget what an Oz (HBO, not MGM) character he was in prison during season 1. Michael's memory montage made me want vengeance in addition to justice. When Michael was going all Most Dangerous Game on T-Bag, chasing him through the woods, I wanted a big brutal fight. But their battle was over quickly. The scales were seemingly on T-Bag's side; he had the violent temperament and ingenuity (he grabbed the screwdriver he used to stab Sucre with his ''mandaled'' foot!). But finally brute strength and guilt beat out crazy strength, and Michael pinned the scrawny convict within minutes. Michael also got in his most violent act so far when he stabbed T-Bag in the wrist. If T-Bag loses his other hand, future jail time won't be easy for him, especially if he ends up in Sona with Bellick!

With Bellick headed to jail, Sucre's hopes of finding Maricruz will be dashed. But that's if she's even trapped anywhere. Yes, I know she probably is; Bellick had the necklace. But necklaces are left on nightstands all the time, and it just seems so improbable. Where would Bellick hide Maricruz so quickly after storming into Sucre's aunt's house? Last episode, he said Maricruz had food and water to last her three weeks, getting that and a hiding place takes preparation. So he entered that house prepared to kidnap Maricruz, though he came under Mahone's orders to get Sucre? Why? He didn't know that Sucre knew where to get the stolen money.

While Maricruz may be somewhere hoping to be found, Mahone is hoping to get lost. Looking ever the haggard veteran on what he promised was his last day on the job, Mahone said he was commandeering Michael's escape plan. It's not a bad idea. But I think if Mahone does take the Christina Rose and the money, he should leave the brothers a million for themselves and Sucre. After all, he knows Linc is innocent now, a victim of a conspiracy, and he did kill the boys' father. But I'm still not sure Mahone will make it out of Panama alive. I only hope he gets to take a shot at Kim next week before Kim takes a shot at one of the brothers.
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